There are many restaurants and dining options in this area!


breakfast map.PNG

  1. Dunkin Donuts
  2. Circa (option for all meals)
  3. GW Deli
  4. Peet’s Coffee
  5. Chick-Fil-A
  6. Au Bon Pain
  7. Dunkin Donuts
  8. Paul Bakery (French Bakery and Cafe)
  9. Cafe Aria
  10. Juan Valdez Cafe

Quick Lunches

  1. Devon and Blakely’s
  2. Burger, Tap and Shake
  3. map-lunch.pngSweetgreen (v)
  4. Roti Modern Mediterranean (v)
  5. Beefsteak (v)
  6. &pizza (v)
  7. Rolls By U (v)
  8. District House
  9. Panera
  10. Au Bon Pain
  11. Chipotle
  12. Uptowner Cafe
  13. Baja Fresh
  14. Jimmy John’s
  15. GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar
  16. Chopt Creative Salad Co

Restaurantsmap restaurants

  1. Charm Thai
  2. District Commons
  3. Circa
  4. Tonic Restaurant
  5. Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant
  6. Bindaas
  7. Founding Farmers
  8. El Chalan
  9. Kaz Sushi Bistro
  10. Chalin’s Restaurant
  11. Elephant & Castle

Dietary Restrictions? Not a problem.

There are many vegetarian and vegan options, besides your typical salad. The restaurants with these accommodations have a v next to them for vegan and vegetarian options, and a veg next to them for only vegetarian options.

map of restuarants