There are several options for transportation in the Foggy Bottom region of DC.  For those driving to the conference, please note that both daily and overnight parking is expensive. For information on parking, please click here.


There are several metro stops in the vicinity of Foggy Bottom.

There are two stops on the blue, silver, and orange lines near campus:

  • Foggy Bottom/GWU stop is on the western side of campus on 23rd St at the end of I Street. This stop is closer to Washington Circle if that is where you are boarding.
  • Farragut West is near the eastern side of campus on 17th and I St. This stop is closer to Thurston Hall if that is where you are boarding.
  • The blue line can be taken from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to either of these stops.
  • These three lines go to another stop, Metro Center, where you can switch to the red line and go to Union Station. You can also take the metro to Metro Center on Sunday to get to the National Museum of Women in the Arts as it is only a block away from this stop.

There is a red line stop nearby as well for a direct route to or from Union Station.

  • Farragut North stop is at 17th and K St. This stop is about six blocks from both Washington Circle and Thurston Hall. This is a good option if you are not comfortable switching metros.



If you have either of these apps downloaded, you can use these to get around. The average cost of an Uber within the Foggy Bottom region is $10 for one or two passengers, with a lower price if you choose Uber pool. Waiting time is typically under five minutes. The average cost of a Lyft is comparable to this.


There tend to be fewer taxis within campus boundaries, however if you walk to a busier street such as Pennsylvania Avenue, I St 23rd St, or E St, you may be able to get one.


Most of the locations are within walking distance, so feel free to enjoy the weather and get some exercise walking!