Group Call for Papers

DLE II CFPs for participating societies will be posted below as we receive them. Each society will be organizing their own panels for the conference, so please get in touch directly with them if you have specific questions about their submission procedures. Please note that each DLE II participant can only appear on the program once. A general call for papers will also be going out in early September, so if you prefer not to submit through one of the participating societies, or if your submission to a particular organization was not initially accepted, we encourage you to submit for a general session.

Beauvoir Society CFP

California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race (CRPR) CFP

International Merleau-Ponty Circle CFP



Other Participating Societies:

Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA)

Collegium of Black Woman Philosophers (CBWP)

Foucault Circle

Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists (ICNAP)

Irigaray Circle

Kristeva Circle

Marxism and Philosophy Association

Nietzsche Society

North American Korean Philosophy and Race (CRPR)

North American Sartre Society (NASS)

philoSOPHIA: a Society for Continental Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy Born of Struggle (PBOS)

Radical Philosophy Association (RPA)

Roundtable on Latina Feminism

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (SAAP)